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Concierge Healthcare

Limited Availablity


We do offer one-time visits @ $175

which includes any necessary in-house labs


Women 13 yo - 100+

$ 100 / 12 mo

$125 / 6 mos

$150 / 3 mos

Men 13 yo - 100+

Limited services such as labs, hydration, vitamins, sexual health, fertility, STD services & testing

$75 / mo / 12 mos

$100 mo / 6 months

$150 / 3 months

We offer one-time visits @ $175 as well as 3, 6, and 12-month memberships for full-time & part-time residents.


1 yearly exam 

1 preventative lab visit includes: CBC, CMP, Lipid Panel, TSH, HGA1C, Iron, Ferritin, Vit D, PSA- men

Conveniently available office visits or virtual visits as needed

Access to the provider by phone or email during business hours (M-F) and weekend availability for urgent matters

Prescriptions start and refills

Medication refills at special pricing in the clinic when needed

In-clinic laboratory services include testing as needed: Rapid strep, flu testing, pregnancy testing, urinalysis, venipuncture, lab work, Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast, & Rapid Covid.

(Additional in-office testing is available at a wholesale membership rate)

High-quality, evidence-based, compassionate care

No insurance copays, deductibles, or co-insurance fees

Extended and relaxed visits

Acute and routine care visits

Wellness visits

Sports physicals

Women’s Health

Preventive care

Limited Men's care

Cost transparency for services

Direct cost laboratory services

Access to your provider via patient email, telephone, and text messaging

25 % off all IV hydration and vitamin shots

10% off ALL Aesthetic Services

NOTE: Additional fees may apply for more advanced diagnostic testing and treatments. These services are available at a reduced rate for our members. Fees will be discussed with you prior to administration.

Direct Primary care is the foundation of good health and wellness, and a close partnership with the individual who provides primary care improves patients’ chances of health and wellness. The current healthcare system does not always emphasize wellness and often does not promote individual partnerships/relationships between patients and the persons who care for them.

Fusion Health & Wellness Clinic is different. Our goal is to keep you healthy by restoring the sanctity of the provider-patient relationship. We have the time necessary to get to know you, identify your health needs, and develop individualized wellness plans and appropriate treatment options that are mutually agreeable. 

We look forward to getting to know you and are grateful that you would place your trust in us to care for you.


As a patient at Fusion Health & Wellness Clinic you will experience the benefit of direct care costs and transparent prices.

With the Direct Health Care model, patients receive a full range of primary care services, including routine care, wellness visits, preventive care, and coordination in exchange for a flat, recurring monthly fee that is paid directly to Fusion Health and Wellness Clinic.  


What does the membership fee cover?

High quality, evidence-based, compassionate care, Conveniently available office visits when you need them, No insurance copays, deductibles, or co-insurance fees, 25% off IV hydration & Vitamin shots, 10% off all aesthetic services, same-week appointments, Extended and relaxed visits, Acute and routine care visits, Wellness visits, Sports physicals, Women’s health, Preventive care, Cost transparency for services, In-clinic laboratory services included (urinalysis, urine pregnancy tests, rapid strep, pregnancy testing, some STD testing), Direct cost laboratory services, Access to your provider via patient email, telephone, and text messaging

Can I still see you and submit a bill to my insurance company myself?

Yes, we can give you a superbill of your charges and you can send in a claim to your insurance company and they may reimburse you a certain percentage of your visit. This is just like the healthcare provider billing insurance except we cut out the middle man and you send your own claim for reimbursement to your healthcare company. Each insurance company will provide you with the forms necessary for reimbursement and according to your plan set up, deductible, etc. 

Is there a sign-up fee?

Yes, there will be a one-time enrollment fee of $50 with active membership.

Does Fusion see patients of all ages?

Our clinic is dedicated to providing care to patients at this time from 13 yo up to 100+ females and men limited care from 13 you to 100+.

We are actively looking for more providers to see the men and children.  Inquire if you are interested and want to join our amazing team.

What if I am out of the area?

Many conditions can be addressed via a simple conversation by phone. We can help to locate the nearest pharmacy and prescribe medication if appropriate for the situation. We can also offer advice if you need to seek additional medical attention.

What if I am hospitalized?

We are not affiliated with a particular healthcare system in the area, or otherwise. Hospital care will be provided by staff physicians at a local hospital. Although we will not be writing orders or directing the plan of care in the hospital, we will work with your hospital providers to facilitate the best possible care. We are committed to staying abreast of your medical care while you are in the hospital and will see you after discharge from the hospital to assist in follow-up assessment and transition of care.

Are my medical records shared with governmental agencies or insurance carriers?

No. Privacy of your medical care is a natural benefit of this medical model. We do not routinely provide any third party with a copy of the patient’s records unless the patient specifically requests it.

What if I need a referral for specialty care?

If you require a consultant for specialty medical care, we will work closely with you and the specialist.

May I contact my healthcare provider after hours?

If you have an urgent, after-hours concern that is not an emergency, we can be accessed to discuss the best course of action via phone call, text or email during business hours. However, due to the ease and accessibility that the Direct Healthcare model affords, our patients will readily see that most concerns can be easily addressed during normal business hours.

Do I still need healthcare insurance?  

We recommend that you carry insurance to comply with Federal Law. Fusion Health & Wellness Clinic does not replace insurance but is a medical service that more robustly addresses patients’ primary care needs. We encourage patients to carry a basic insurance plan (for example, a high deductible plan/major medical plan) to help ensure financial assistance should hospitalization or surgery be necessary.

Can I continue with my current Insurance?

Yes, you may continue to carry your current insurance plan which may certainly be beneficial if you are in need of specialty care, outside lab and/or radiology services, and medications obtained elsewhere.

I have Medicare, can I still join as a patient?

Yes, Medicare coverage coupled with a Direct Primary Care provider is an increasingly popular and effective approach to accessing primary care services. Patients must sign an opt-out agreement that states neither they nor their provider will directly bill Medicare for their membership fee.

Medicare beneficiaries may continue to use their Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance for services incurred outside of Fusion Health and Wellness Clinic, including specialists’ fees, prescriptions filled outside of our facility, labs processed at an outside laboratory, diagnostic imaging services, hospital charges..

Does this model comply with the minimum insurance requirements set forth by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

When coupled with a catastrophic medical policy, the Direct Primary Care model does meet the minimum requirement for coverage as set forth in the ACA. Specifically, Section 1301 (and amendment Section 10104) allows for Direct Primary Care to provide an alternative to traditional health insurance options when combined with a low-cost, high-deductible plan.

Can I cancel my membership:

Yes. We strive for an open, honest, respectful relationship with you. We value your feedback. If you have concerns, please bring them to our attention. If for some reason, you feel that our health and wellness clinic is not the right fit for you, you may, at any time, cancel your membership for an early membership cancellation fee of $100.00. If your membership is canceled, you will receive a refund based on the services rendered for that month. If you choose to rejoin, you will be required to pay a re-enrollment fee of $100.

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