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Fusion offers Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) with Testosterone, Estrogen, and/or Progesterone in pills, creams, pellets, patches, injections, rings, Troche, and dissolvable tablets for both men and women in their mid-thirties up.

All hormone treatments are curated and customized to your specific needs, symptoms, and lab values.   We can send you to any lab for blood tests.  Most insurance companies will pay for hormone lab testing. 


We can also call in your prescriptions, creams, patches, and pills to a pharmacy of your choice.  Again, your insurance company will usually pay for your hormones prescriptions. 

Some treatments such as pellets and creams are not covered by insurance.  

We do NOT take any insurance for any of our services. 

You may request a receipt to bill your own insurance or use your FSA or HSA account

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